Board of Supervisors Pass Short Term Rental Resolution

On 24 October 2023 at its 9am meeting, the Tulare County Board of Supervisors heard an agenda item pertaining to short-term rentals in Three Rivers. Michael Washam, Director Tulare County Resource Management Agency, gave a presentation, which is available here.

Stakeholders provided input via email and during the meeting.

After discussion, Amy Shuklian moved to direct Resource Management Agency staff to bring back to the Board of Supervisors a proposed ordinance and associated regulatory program on short-term rentals within the jurisdiction of Tulare County. Eddie Valero seconded the motion, and it passed 4-1, with Pete Vander Poel voting nay.

The resolution (2023-0994) differs from the proposal in two significant ways:

  1. The proposed ordinance and associated regulatory program would be county-wide, rather than limited to Three Rivers.
  2. There will be no temporary moratorium on additional short-term rentals during development of the proposed ordinance and associated regulatory program.

It is not yet known whether or how many residents and business owners will be allowed to participate in the process. It is also not yet known how long the process will take.

The public comments are available for perusal here. The entire discussion is available on YouTube: .


[SOURCE: Tulare County Clerk of the Board of Supervisors]