Sand Bags Available at Station 14

Bag-your-own sand bags and sand are available at Fire Station 14 at 41412 S Fork Dr, Three Rivers, CA 93271.

If on Thursday the National Weather Service continues to predict heavy rains and rapid snow melt, volunteers will be welcome to help bag and transport sand bags to residents in need. Please contact if you can help.

The Tulare Count Fire Department shared the following guidance on sand bagging from the  Red Cross:

  • It takes two people about one hour to fill and place 100 sandbags, creating a wall one foot high and 20 feet long.
  • Make sure you have enough sand, bags, shovels, strong helpers, and time to place them properly.
  • Additionally, it can in some cases help to build the sandbag wall upon plastic sheeting or tarps.

[SOURCE: Tulare County Fire Department]