Three Rivers Drug Closes


March 6, 2023

Dear Customers:

It grieves us to announce that Three Rivers Drug is going out of business. It is time for us to retire from pharmacy and focus on our health, new work, and new ways to participate in the community here in Three Rivers. For David this concludes a thirty-three year career in pharmacy.

This comes sooner than, and not in the way we expected. We have always planned to one day have a buyer to pass the baton to. Alas, with the many changes in pharmacy, the town, and the poor condition of the facility, passing the baton is no longer possible.

Thank You for Ten Years of Business

We are grateful beyond measure for all of our customers, and also for our amazing staff. Lesa has been with us for half of our tenure here, showing up every day giving her personal and professional best. Three Rivers, you have impressed us with your resilience, your legendary instinct to help one another no matter our differences, and your many unconventional, imaginative ways. It has been a great honor to be a part of your health care. 

What About Prescriptions? 

All prescriptions will be transferred on March 7 to the Woodlake Rite Aid at 160 E. Antelope Avenue, and can be picked up there, or at any Rite Aid you choose since they have a centralized system. Please see the Rite Aid flier for details or call 559/564-8032. As of March 7, we will not have access to records or history, and will no longer be able to assist you with prescriptions or answer questions regarding your prescriptions. Phone calls will be forwarded to Rite Aid. The store will be closed March 7-14.

What About the Gift Shop? 

The gift shop will reopen on March 14 for liquidation. Please come in and let us thank you in person.

We Understand This Is a Big Shock and a Big Loss

The drug store has been an important presence at the community’s center since 1963. It will take time to sink in. Many local customers as well as seasonally returning visitors have been patronizing the business for years, and even for generations. We see you. We are grieving, too. When there is an ending, it’s appropriate to slow down, and be patient with the process of change. 

Person-to-Person Communication

The demands of business prevented us from being able to give prior notice of this news. Thank you for helping us share the information with your people so that everyone might hear of this big change from another person, and thus manage the hard news, and the transition as a community, the way we do. 

Final Thoughts

In the last week we have done our best to fill everything fillable, and get the will-call out the door before closing. However, we are sensitive to the difference between inconvenience and hardship. Our greatest concern is for any prescription customers for whom this change may prove an actual hardship. With these customers in mind especially, we are working with the local faith communities, local prescribers, Aging-in-Community Three Rivers, The Lions, and the Women’s Club. These organizations and many local businesses and organizations that make up the heartbeat of the town have email attachments and/or hard copies of this letter and the Rite Aid flier to personally distribute to people who are not on Facebook, where this message is also posted.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this time of change for our town.


David and Elizabeth

[SOURCE: Three River Drug]