County Update on the Mineral King Road

[Update as of 25 May, 2023]

[SOURCE: District 4 Roads via Supervisor Eddie Valero]

“Work to restore temporary access on Mineral King is currently underway. Our Contractor has been able to restore temporary access through approximately milepost 5.5. By the end of next week, temporary 1-lane access to Oak Grove Bridge should be restored, provided no issues are encountered. As there are still multiple areas of damage that remain along the route, staff intends to keep the roadway closed to the public near State Route 198 and only allow local traffic in the area. Following major repair efforts, the Contractor will need approximately 3 weeks to address all other minor issues noted between State Route 198 and Forrest Service near milepost 9. Once these minor repairs are completed, the road can be re-opened to the public under temporary traffic control conditions, as there will be two areas in the roadway in which only single-lane access will be provided.

“County staff has been in contact with Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks regarding access needs and has a meeting scheduled to discuss early next week. By the end of next week, the roadway should be accessible for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks to access their property to evaluate conditions and begin making repairs.”