Before tomorrow’s storm, stock up on food, water, medications and other necessary supplies!

Another storm is coming, and it is time to stock up again in preparation for potential isolation.

Local sources of food, water, and medical supplies:

  • Foodlink and the Central Ca Food Bank are both bringing up food for distribution later today. They have 100 emergency boxes packed and ready to go plus more food and bottled water. They will be available at the Three Rivers Arts Center at 4pm (41673 North Fork Drive).
  • Tulare County Fire has procured a limited supply of food, water, and medical supplies available at Fire Station 14 (41412 South Fork Drive) Please check in with personnel on duty. Please remember supplies are limited.

More from Tulare County:

Tulare County Emergency Service crews are preparing for the next wave of storms expected to begin late this evening/early tomorrow morning. We urge residents to prepare for continued flooding and potential isolation by:

  • Stocking up on several days’ worth of food, water, medications and other necessary supplies
  • Refilling home propane tanks and/or secure adequate firewood for heating
  • Refilling primary and backup fuel supplies for generators and vehicles
  • Charging backup batteries for your electronic devices
  • Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle with food, water and blankets in case you become stranded; do not leave your vehicle, if stranded, in the snow
  • Sandbag vulnerable structures in low-lying areas and near creeks, streams, rivers, canals or other waterways

Be advised: Sandbag supply is low. Efforts are currently underway to resupply all sandbag locations. Please call ahead to confirm sandbag availability. For more information on sandbags please visit:

For communities currently under a shelter in place order and in need of supplies, please call 211 to get connected with supply delivery operations.

* NOTE: There have been multiple instances of vehicles driving around barricades where streets are closed off due to flooding. Remember, those barricades are there to protect you. Please, do not drive around the barricades. Stay safe. *

[SOURCE: Three Rivers Bread Basket and Tulare County]