Pharmacy Options for 3Rs


With the closing of our beloved drug store, we need new options for receiving medications. Currently volunteers have been delivering prescriptions during the flood emergency. Planning ahead, these are options which may be available to you:

I. Home Delivery
a. Many health insurance plans including Medicare Part D and VA plans offer mail delivery of medications.

Check to see if your policy offers mail order service. Mail order can be completed by phone or online. Check your wallet insurance card for contact information.

b.Three Rivers Drugs transferred all of your prescription history to Woodlake Rite Aid.

If you want to continue with Woodlake Rite Aid they provide home delivery to 3R on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Orders must be placed before 11:00 am and

prescriptions must be paid by phone with a credit card or online using (You can find the link at They do not deliver through the mail.

II. Nearby Pharmacies

For best drug prices check to see if the pharmacy is a Preferred Provider under your plan.

  1. Woodlake Rite Aid
    160 E. Antelope Ave, Woodlake, CA 93286

    Phone 559-564-8032

  2. Rancho Pharmacy
    426 N. Kaweah, Exeter, CA 93221
    Phone 559-592-5222 Fax 559-592-3030
  3. Foothill Pharmacy
    250 E. Antelope Ave Ste B, Woodlake, CA 93286

    Phone 559-564-7177 Fax 559-564-7104

    Both Rancho and Foothill are independent pharmacies owned by Pharmacist Steve Richmond. They are reportedly uncrowded and friendly. Spouses can pick up for each other.

If a family member or neighbor picks your prescriptions up for you, they must provide all the following information to the druggist:

  • Your name
  • Date of Birth
  • Number of prescriptions requested

To help them, make sure your drugs have been pre-paid; call the pharmacy to insure all prescriptions are ready for pick-up; and, give pharmacy the name of who will be picking up your drugs.

[SOURCE: Aging in Community]