For Immediate Release: July 2, 2024                          

Contact: Savanna Birchfield, Public Information Officer


Defensible Space Inspection in Silver City on Mineral King Road July 3

If you are driving to Mineral King for a holiday adventure, please watch for Cal Fire vehicles and personnel

VISALIA—On Wednesday, July 3, 2024, CAL FIRE’s Defensible Space Inspectors and engine personnel will be visiting homes in the Silver City area to conduct Defensible Space inspections. Public Resource Code (PRC) 4291 requires residents of California’s State Responsibility Area to provide and maintain a defensible space of 100 feet minimum) around all structures. All personnel participating in the saturation will be talking with residents and will be available to answer questions on how to keep their homes safe. Homeowners can substantially increase the chance of their home surviving a wildland fire by following these fire-safe practices:

  • Maintain defensible space for a minimum of 100 feet or more around your structures by removing dead trees, brush, cutting grass and trimming trees 6-15 feet off the ground.
  • Clean all needles and leaves from your roof, eaves, and rain gutters.
  • Trimming tree limbs within 10 feet of your chimney and all dead limbs hanging over your house and/or garage.
  • Maintain a clearance of 10 feet above and around your propane tank, with soil raked down to bare mineral dirt and shrubbery or trees trimmed to maintain that distance.
  • Make sure your address is clearly visible for easy identification in an emergency.
  • Make sure driveway access to your home is clear of low hanging branches and cleared of flammable vegetation for 10 feet from the road edges.

While firefighters are busy performing fire prevention projects and training for this upcoming fire season, it is critical that residents do their part to prepare for wildfires by maintaining their 100-foot clearance around their homes and property. For more information regarding Defensible Space, download the “CAL FIRE Ready for Wildfire App.” It allows homeowners to track their progress while creating Defensible Space. App users with the tap of a finger can check off each step and see their progress as they reach 100% Ready.

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[Source: Cal Fire]