County Update on Storm Recovery

Property Tax Relief, Road and Bridge Update, Development Project Update



The County can provide temporary property tax relief by temporarily lowering property value for the damage incurred. Property owners may additionally be able to defer the tax payment scheduled for Monday April 10th with no penalty or interest charge.

Further details and forms can be found on our website:

Property Affected by Floods – Assessor

Excerpt from site:

By filing a claim for reassessment with our Office within 12 months of the date the property was damaged, owners of properties that have sustained a minimum of $10,000 in damage may be eligible for a refund of taxes already paid and lower annual tax bills until the property is repaired or rebuilt. Once the repairs are completed, the property assessment will be restored to its previous value (in addition to annual adjustments, if applicable) so long as the property is rebuilt in a similar manner.

In addition, any owner of eligible property who files a claim for reassessment with the Assessor’s Office on or before April 10 may, in conjunction with the claim for reassessment, apply with the Assessor to defer payment of that installment of property taxes until the Assessor has reassessed the property or determined the property is not eligible for reassessment.

Tax relief is available for all types of properties including homes, commercial and industrial buildings, agricultural properties, manufactured homes, and business and personal property. Damage to vehicles, home furnishings and personal effects are not eligible for this type of relief because they are not locally assessed.



There have been no real changes to the plans for the crossings on North Fork and South Fork since the last update. We are putting together construction packages to bid the permanent repairs.

Our consultant is working on the temp solution for Mineral King. That one’s a priority for us. We had surveyors hike and bike to the end of the county maintained road and complete topographical surveys for the repair work last week.

We continue to monitor the temporary improvements and will maintain those as best we can until the permanent work is finished.



I have no updates on the two development projects (Hampton Inn & the commercial/restaurant site) that are currently under construction in Three Rivers. The county is not certain as to whether there were flood impacts on the hotel site but understand the commercial/restaurant site was impacted.

[SOURCE: Supervisor Eddie Valero]