County Update on Roads and Bridges

Our Engineering team has solicited consultant services to evaluate the current damages (soil stabilization) along Mineral King. Our goal is to temporarily repair the damaged roadway segment within the next month or so to restore access in the area. This will take a couple of weeks, then we will go out for bid, and then construct it. We are hoping it is in place before early May. A more permanent full width solution would follow, with the goal of having it in place by the end of fall or early winter.

South Fork Drive is now open to two lanes up to milepost 9. The remaining segment of the road is passable (one lane).

Temporary repairs have been made along North Fork Drive up to milepost 6.5. The goal is to get to the end of the road by the end of week.

Most of the bridges within the community are now accessible.

Unfortunately, Sequoia Oaks Bridge, just above Connelly Bridge is a private residential bridge. Sadly, this bridge isn’t fixed yet, but we will be working with the local community to schedule a meeting soon with the following partners: TC Fire Representative, RMA Representative, OES Representative, and Cal Fire Representative.

[SOURCE: Supervisor Eddie Valero]