Bathtub Race Canceled Due to Community Illnesses


From Leah Launey:

Heads up!  We have just canceled the Charity Bathtub Race at Lake Kaweah because too many members of the Teams who had committed to the Race are down with either COVID, the flu, a stomach virus – or have recently been exposed to same. It seems the universe is telling us, not to hold the Race this year! Never fear, however. We are already aiming for the 2025 Bathtub Race! Meanwhile, we wish to thank the USACE at Lake Kaweah for kindly providing a no-fee special permit for this charity event, Tulare County Sheriff for committing to coverage on the Lake, the Sheriff’s Volunteers-in-Patrol or VIPs for committing to coverage at the Lake’s building and racing site, the Welch family and Kaweah Whitewater Adventures for partnering with us to actually run the event, Efrain Ponce of Sequoia Cider Mill Restaurant who carries the heavy cast iron bathtubs back & forth – in addition to storing them in the meantime! We wish to thank all who provided recyclables (Casa Mendoza Restaurant, Sequoia Cider Mill Restaurant, Nadine, and other locals), all who provided the Charity pot of money (Three Rivers Woman’s Club, Todd’s Pizza Factory, Family Healthcare Network, Reimer’s Candies & Gifts), and last but not least we wish to thank our enthusiastic recruiter Betty Belman. We could not run this event, without the wonderful assistance provided by this community, community organizations, and our local businesses!  Finally, we wish a speedy and full recovery to every one of our Bathtub Racing Team members.

Leah & Peter