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Here is this week’s update on winter storm recovery efforts from the last few days. Work continues, and we’ll send updates as we have them. 

I am attaching a map with directions from Sequoia to Kings Canyon that could be helpful for anyone staying in Three Rivers during this or future closures. We’ll be posting a copy in the bulletin at the market, please feel free to use or share as you’d like. These instructions are also made available on our website.

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Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks 

Winter Storm Recovery Update (Public Access) 


  • It is looking like we are on track to reopen public access to Giant Forest, Lower Sherman Tree, and Wolverton Snowplay Area on or about Saturday, February 11. Everything needs to go smoothly to meet this date, including no major equipment failures, and no heavy new snow accumulations from the storm forecast to hit this weekend, but we are hopeful.
    • There will be one-lane traffic control for one of the damaged areas above Hospital Rock. Traffic lights, barricades, and signage will be in place.
    • Based on information gathered from Federal Highway engineers working with our staff, two-lane traffic is not expected to be restored in this area sooner than May 2023.
    • More details about the opening and mitigations in place will be sent out next week. 
  • Summary of snow clearing progress made in Giant Forest to date:
    • Parking lot across from the Giant Forest Museum (Upper Kaweah) has been plowed.
    • Most of the highway to Wolverton Rd intersection has been plowed fog line to fog line.
    • Round Meadow parking lot plowing in progress.
    • Lower Sherman lot to be plowed after Round Meadow is complete.
    • Plowing the Wolverton Rd to the snowplay area is estimated to take about 4 days, crews will do their best to complete ahead of 2/11.
    • Lodgepole area is admin only, with only the admin parking lot plowed.
    • Only an admin lane to Wuksachi at the moment, and lots of work to be done in that area. This effort will take place once access to Wolverton snowplay area is established.
  • The Four Guardsmen culvert was cleared, the road is stable, and it will be filled with gravel as needed to keep passable until such time that the road can be permanently rebuilt at this location, sometime later in the year.
  • Significant damage was found on a section of the Generals Highway between the parks (portion of the road closed in winter) near Stoney Creek. This portion of the highway is currently closed to all traffic, including administrative. No estimated timeframe for reopening at the moment. Will attempt to fill with rock to at least establish an emergency lane. 
  • Federal Highways Administration engineers were here this week consulting with park engineers. 
    • Confirmed that one-lane traffic was doable at the One Shot Rock washout between Hospital Rock and Giant Forest and two-way traffic flow at the washouts at Eleven Range, and the Four Guardsmen. 
    • On Mineral King Road, they only made it to the first two washouts, beyond that was too bad even on UTVs. This area is still vulnerable for further winter damage. Crews were accessing the damaged area closest to the gate late this week to see what is possible for stabilizing in the short term.  Crews were able to clear a very large boulder from the road, helping with access to damage further up the road. 
  • Below 11 Range, crews were able to clear a lot of rock out of the shoulders.
  • We are expecting another storm arriving Saturday night into Sunday. Current projections call for about 10-18 inches of snow at Lodgepole.
  • Saturday, February 11th, and more likely will be sometime after that date.

[SOURCE: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks]